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HTC gets playful with quirky Re camera

The Re is a new, oddly shaped $199 handheld camera from smartphone maker HTC.The Taiwanese company announced the new camera on Wednesday, along with the Desire Eye smartphone. Built to capitalize on the selfie craze, the Desire Eye puts its most powerful camera on the front side of the phone,

Microsoft and Nokia complete mobile phone unit deal

The sale will see the end of production of mobile phones by Nokia.

Microsoft has completed its purchase of Nokia's mobile phone business for 5.44bn euros ($7.5bn; £4.5bn).

Facebook buys fitness app firm

Facebook has added a Finnish firm that makes a fitness tracking app to its ever-increasing portfolio of purchases.

Helsinki-based ProtoGeo created the Moves app that uses a smartphone's built-in sensors to track activity and calories burned.

Jukebox Apps for the Party-Pleasing D.J.

My mission was to supply the music for a friend’s big birthday party. Sounds simple enough, right? Set up a playlist on an iPod and throw in a little Motown, because everybody likes Motown. Plug it into the sound system at the bar we had rented out and hit play. Instant revelry.

Ultra-Distant Galaxy Discovered Amidst Cosmic 'Dark Ages': May Be Oldest Galaxy Ever

With the combined power of NASA's Spitzer and Hubble space telescopes as well as a cosmic magnification effect, a team of astronomers led by Wei Zheng of The Johns Hopkins University has spotted what could be the most distant galaxy ever detected.

Two dead stars provide low-tech way to test Einstein

You might need three satellites plus some not-yet-invented equipment to detect gravitational waves directly, but it turns out you can see the effects of these ripples in spacetime with an optical telescope and a stopwatch.

Neil Armstrong’s Legacy for Astronomers

Not many people can say they’ve met the first man on the moon.  But mingle with astronomers gathered in Beijing for a conference and you’ll come across one or two—even at breakfast—who can reflect personally about Neil Armstrong.

A Music Player for Soapy Singers

If your singing in the shower requires accompaniment, you can use the iShower wireless speaker to bring music from your Bluetooth-equipped phone or music player along.

A Tablet That Moves Closer to Becoming a Laptop

The French electronics company Archos is hoping to bolster its presence in the United States with a new line of Android tablets that include an integrated keyboard.

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