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A Wirelessly Controlled Pharmacy Dispenses Drugs From Within Your Abdomen

In the future, implantable computerized dispensaries will replace trips to the pharmacy or doctor’s office, automatically leaching drugs into the blood from medical devices embedded in our bodies. These small wireless chips promise to reduce pain and inconvenience, and they’ll ensure that patients get exactly the amount of drugs they need, all at the push of a button.



You might think that the phone calls you make or the emails you send to your friends are private. Think again please….

In fact, someone else is listening in all the time. Organizations, such as the American National

Security Agency (NSA) with the headquarters in Maryland, continually eavesdrop on phone calls and emails. The NSA is sometimes jokingly called “No Such Agency” because its existence was for ages denied.

Using a program called Echelon; this eavesdropping agency monitors all forms of electronic communications. The main target is probably to listen for terrorists and terrorist sleeper cell networks, but no one for sure knows. Here’s how they do it.

Email exchanges

When you send an email, the electronic signal carrying the email goes to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). From there it is sent via an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) to your friend’s ISP, and then on to your friend. To intercept your email without you knowing, the eavesdropper simply taps into the IXP. The NSA’s computers also continually search through every website on the internet in order to locate anything suspicious.


Telephone cables

The cables that carried phone calls under the sea used to be made of copper wires.

Eavesdroppers could listen in by sending divers down to wrap electric coils around the wire. This enabled listeners to hear the phone signals which “leaked” out from the copper. Today the cables are fiber optics, which are completely un-tappable... or are they?


Mobile signals

When you call someone on your cell phone, microwave signals travel through the air to an antenna, from where they are relayed through other antennae until they reach the cell of the person you are calling. All an eavesdropper has to do is intercept the microwave signal as it travels between antennae.

Tapping telephones

It is illegal to tap telephone calls in many countries, but eavesdroppers tap them anyway by connecting to major telephone exchanges. With the Echelon system, the security services are not listening in on particular people; they are listening to all calls, them homing in on people when they hear something suspicious.


Communications satellites allow telephone calls and television broadcasts to be bounced around the world almost instantly. But these communications can be intercepted from ground stations, which are often set up right next to the dishes that are sending the signals. Sometimes, the ground stations have intriguing codenames, such as the American NSA’s “Moonpenny,” which is located at Menwith Hill in Yorkshire, England, and intercepts all telecommunications between the UK and Europe.


Voice recognition

There are too many telephone calls for spies to listen to every call, so computers are used to scan millions every second. Some work by “voice recognition,” in which the computer analyzes voices on the phone to detect a particular “wanted” voice.

Computers can be programmed to scan emails and look for suspicious words. In the

1990s, the Echelon program searched for the words “Greenpeace” and “Amnesty International.” It caused a scandal.


Computers are used to trace the phone calls and emails of anybody considered to be suspicious. The computers also look for any “links” with other people who have been in touch with the suspect.

Source: DO NOT OPEN: An encyclopedia of the world’s best known secrets.

Human Rights Commission Calls For Punitive Action Against Errant Police Officers

The Uganda Human rights commission has joined several other organizations in calling for the expeditious investigation into the brutal manner in which FDC women league leader Ingrid Turinawe was arrested.


Komuntale's wedding day finally here as all is set

The last time a ceremony of such magnitude took place in the Toro kingdom was when its King, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru was handed the instruments of power in April 2010 at the age of eighteen.


Obama condemns racist comments attributed to the Los Angeles Clippers owner

Barack Obama on Sunday led politicians, sports stars and other public figures in condemning racist comments attributed to the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, a barrage of opprobrium likely to swell with the leaking of apparently additional remarks.


Klitschko KOs Leapai to retain belts

Wladimir Klitschko toyed with Alex Leapai and knocked him out in the fifth round to retain his four heavyweight belts on Saturday.


Lupita is PEOPLE's Most Beautiful in the World

She commanded more than 65 red carpets from September through March and became the darling of designers everywhere as she effortlessly pulled off Prada to Dior.


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