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US warns sect may bomb Nigeria capital


The U.S. warned its citizens Wednesday that a radical Islamist sect may attack Nigeria's capital Abuja, including hotels frequented by foreigners, the second time it has advised such an assault is possible in the West African nation.


Drive to Restore Presidential Term Limits Gains Momentum in Uganda

Pressure is mounting on Uganda’s President Yoweri Musevi to retire after his current term ends in 2016.


Mitt Romney says he’d ‘clean house’ to remove Secret Service agents involved with prostitutes

Mitt Romney says he’d “clean house” to remove Secret Service agents involved with Colombian prostitutes ahead of President Barack Obama’s visit.


Sudan Fighting Spreads to New Fronts, Claims Lives

Fighting on the disputed border between Sudan and South Sudan has spread to two new fronts, with casualties reported on both sides, officials said Wednesday.


I would have done it again, Norwegian killer says

For two hours in July, deranged right-wing militant Anders Behring Breivik gunned down all before him in a hate-fuelled rampage.



It is now 8 years since one of the most chilling massacres that set the new levels of human animosity in the name Hutu extremism against the Inyenzi, a phrase that Radio Mille Colline coined to rally sheer hatred against the defenseless Tutsis.


Kony 2012 plans to “Cover The Campus” at UNO

A screening of the non-profit film KONY 2012 was open to UNO students on Monday, April 2, in the Milo Bail Student Center to raise awareness of the upcoming “Cover the Campus” campaign.


Smirking Norway killer Breivik pleads not guilty

OSLO - The Norwegian far-right gunman who massacred 77 people last summer gave a clenched-fist salute, smirked at the court and pleaded not guilty on the first day of a trial that threatens to turn into a "circus" showcasing his anti-Islamic views.


KONY Sequel Got 2% of the Traffic of Its Predecessor

KONY 2012 was the most-viral video of all time. Its sequel? Not so much.

More than a week after KONY 2012: Part II – Beyond Famous hit YouTube, the video, which was also created by Invisible Children, has racked up about 1.7 million views. That’s less than 2% of the traffic that KONY 2012 got in its first five days. Part II’s performance shows that the success of the initial video will be hard, if not impossible, to repeat.


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