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Introducing Prod. Ky-netic: A man that's redefining rap music and creativity on a whole

Prod. Ky-netic is a young up & coming inventive Ugandan artiste. One thing that becomes apparent very early on him is that he isn't tied down to one style of music but excelled with a versatility not seen in anyone else before or since.

Prod.Ky-netic is not only a rapper and producer, he is probably the reason that hip-hop will have to redefine what it means to be a producer.

He's tremendously talented and technical. His stage presence in live performances is truly royal. Because of this versatility not all his released music is guitar focused and therefore he hasn't always been judged for his skills as a guitarist.

Arranging and Producing his own music from the beginning Producer Ky-netic has also become an extremely adept guitar and keyboard engineer in the studio and live on stage with an ability to manage a wide range of effects simultaneously, whilst also arranging the other band members' sections.

No question, the man is a musical genius and his rap skills is absolutely up there with the best. You really have to see live performances to grasp how good he really is as his studio production is creatively spiced up with the addition of his skills incorporated in there to create a distinguishable Prod. Ky-netic sound!

If you take into account that he produces and performs all his songs (so he sings, writes, composes, mixes and play all the instruments), playing the piano the way he does is just an add on. Still, he plays it brilliantly.

As a technical virtuoso, Prod. Ky-netic looks up to  Myko Ouma for his Guitar playing skills, Sam Bisaaso for bass, Maurice Kirya for soul performance, Kanye West for his diversity, Drake for his delivery of rhymes, the Linkin park band for their live performances and Jason Mraz for song writing.

Inventive, always! So creative. Prod Ky-netic is currently working on his Debut album with First Love Studios "The sincere side of Hiphop" which is slated to be released in September 2013. The debut album features numerous talented artistes like Maurice Kirya, Xabu, Irene Ntale, Engyma, Kushe, Bond, Nick Myres and other big suprises.  The artiste is also working on a music project with Tusker project Fame 5 participant Samantha from Burundi.

He is to release his most eargely anticipated catchy debut hit single "HI" which features Multi-award winning Soul artiste Maurice Kirya onto the airwaves on 22nd October 2012.

However, this amazing artiste who has been sleeping on cold hard floor since January tirelessly working on his album to achieve perfection is surely turning up the heat and he is surely the artiste to look out for. Mr. 2013!

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Watch Prod. Ky-netic playing Keyboard while doing rap.