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Thursday, Jul 19th

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Predictive journalism. Is that a thing? Is it something people do? It feels a lot like what i am about to do.

Something i have gotten to learn over time is that while some throw bricks and lay them by day, in the light, others choose to construct formidable bases by night.

Such is the case with Khài; The Producing,Rapping Singer-Songwriting,Composing,multi-instrumentalist from Uganda currently running a recording studio in South Africa.

I have said this before and i will say it again, ‘HE IS THE FUTURE.’

After two years of intense production,In July 2015, Khài started his production company THE OHAME GROUP with OHAME RECORDS as the main division and has since built it on the same values that built him.

Besides him as a talent signed to his own company, Khài is a finder. It’s for that same reason that he was flown to South Africa. His exceptional eye for young talent has led him to discover amazing young talent now affiliated with Ohame Records; one of them being the 21 year old Levytation, the act rumoured to be South Africa’s next biggest thing.

Pictures of Khài at Universal Music Africa were briefly uploaded to his instagram on the 19th of October and shortly deleted, When contacted about this he had this to say,

“I am working on a deal that could be the best thing, not just for me but for Ohame and everybody   who has believed in us .It is about time.”

Something big is about to happen here. I can feel it. Almost like my gut grew fingers and started typing this whole article out.


We wish you the best Khài.