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The making of "Hi" The Revolutionary African music video

"HI" is going to change Ugandan music videos to say the least and we would like you to be part of this.

Who is Producer Ky-netic?

Born and raised in Uganda, Prod.Ky-netic is a young talented artiste. He is a Producer, Rapper, Singer-Songwriter, Composer and instrumentalist who loves what he does. . His main dream is to push the borders of creativity to create a fresh new Afro-global sound. He is currently working on the creation of his debut album entitled ‘THE SINCERE SIDE OF HIPHOP’ which is a combination of different genres, different approach to song writing and a level of sophistication which surpasses the ordinary.


What is "HI" ?

“The first single off this Album is titled ‘Hi on which he features the first International award winning Soul artiste from Uganda, Maurice Kirya. The single has enjoyed massive airplay on the major stations in Uganda. ‘Hi’ is a song that describes the initiation of just about any relationship and celebrates the longevity of the same. It portrays love in a beautiful light with a beam of honesty added to it .” Prod.Ky-netic

Listen to Hi Prod.Ky-netic feat Maurice Kirya by Prod.Ky-netic

Today, Prod.Ky-netic seeks more than just an investment. He seeks belief and that first push that will launch his Career. He seeks an investment $6000 for the Hi video. In a country where most artistes choose to settle for cheap, less than par videos, Prod.Ky-netic refuses to settle. ‘Hi’ was 8 months in the making because of his perfectionism, and as humble a position he finds himself in we are trying to give “HI” the video it deserves.

What will the funding be used for?

-Flying in a team from South Africa to come shoot the video.
-Securing high grade Equipment for the shoot especially the lighting
-Securing the different locations scripted for the Video
-Facilitating payments for the crew including transportation and meals on set.

We want this to go Global. We want the world to know Uganda has spectacular talent. To all the sponsors and backers  We cant thank you enough but we sure will try .
Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Of course as with any venture the big risk is covering the costs but as modest as the budget is we aim to take advantage of all our available resources to cover what we can but still achieve our vision.

Scheduling and facilitation . with such a short time frame scheduling might be difficult but we plan to over come this with a condensed implementation time of 2-3 days

Also in the challenges associated with time we would really like to shoot in the next two months

The contact is 0794132952- Mr.Abraham BANNADAWA