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Comfired: Bobi wine and Bebe Cool to hold Concerts on the same dates again

Famous singers Bebe cool and Bobi wine are to hold their Concerts on the same dates. Bebe cool is to hold his Minzani Concert on October 7th the exact date Bobi wine is set to hold his yet to be named Concert.

Bebe Cool is to hold three concerts while Bobi wine is set to have only two concerts. Bebe's first Concert will be held at Garden City Roof top in Kampala on 7th October, the second concert will be at Satellite Beach in Mukono on 8th October and the third concert will be at Maria Flo in Masaka. Bobi's first Concert will be at Hotel Africana in Kampala on 7th October and his second Concert will be held at his One love beach in Busaabala on 9th October.

In 2009, Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool launched Carolina and Agenze albums on the same day at Hotel Africanna and Kyadondo Rugby ground respectively. At the end of the day, both camps declared victory and also accused each other of giving out thousands of free tickets in order to make a statement.

Bebe Cool announced his Minzani Concert dates one month back and the Minzani posters are already out. Bobi Wine has now confirmed the exact dates as Bebe Cool by posting on his  facebook wall

"OK i need some advice here,what do call our concert coz we seem to have too many hit songs to choose from,any way friday 7th oct Africana then 9th is Busabalaaaaaaaaaaaaa tobalabula."

In 2009, Bobi Wine who is still enjoying his honey moon claimed that he had chosen his dates before Bebe Cool.

This time it is all clear that Bobi Wine chose October 7th well knowing that his music nemesis was to launch on the same day.

Earlier on, it was first  noted that Bobi Wine was to hold his concert on November 5th, the official day of the 2011 PAM Awards. He has now changed mind and settled for October 7th.