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Three ejected from BBA House after only 7 days!

Big Brother Africa StarGame launched on May 6 and so far much has happened including verbal arguments, physical fights and sexual flings. Moralists speak against the show, with some saying it adds no value. Saturday was filled with drama, in both houses, with Downville topping, as Upville had only one minor scuffle.

It seemed the housemates could not hold their liquor down as a number of fights ensued. Sierra Leone's Zainab could not hold her anger, and threw a glass at Seydou from Angola, who warned her that should he be disqualified from the game, he would thump her before leaving the house. Seydou, however, later on lost his cool and slapped Zainab.


South Africa's Keagan lost his temper with Luke from Liberia, and was spoiling for a fight, but Nigeria's Ola managed to break the fight.  Big Brother called the Head of House and asked him to warn the housemates about their behaviour, and the housemates were ordered to go to bed. In the Upville house there was a minor scuffle between Rocki and DKB over the gals, but it did not last long.

While others were busy cleaning the mess on Sunday morning, the two pairs up for possible eviction were told that Big Brother had a surprise for them, and summoned them to go stand by the door. When the door opened, they were shocked to see hair stylists waiting to do their hair.

Tanzania's Hilda could not contain herself pacing around, with anxiety, exclaiming that "it is indeed true we are going home". On the Sunday night eviction show, three housemates were evicted: Tanzanian pair of Hilda and Julio, and Zimbabwe's Teclar after only seven days in the house. Zimbabwe's Maneta, who came in as a pair with Teclar, was saved and sent to the Upville house, which had seven celebrity housemates. The pairs were chosen for possible eviction through random nomination mechanism. This week once again Big Brother has advanced the same mechanism and it's Sierra Leonean pair, of Zainab and Dalphin and Liberian pair Luke and Yadel who are up for possible eviction.

During Monday's diary session, Botswana's pair of Edith and Eve, had Eve sharing her opinion of Seydou with Big Brother, saying that he was a girl. "He's a girl. He's all up in girls' businesses, he's vain, he always looks at himself in the mirror, and he's always fighting with girls. Most housemates are not happy with him. Who swears someone's mother and slaps a girl and then boasts about it? Who says that? How old is he, 13? Big Brother should punish people for violence," she said.

The most emotional and intense diary session belonged to Edith and Eve, as the sisters have been fighting for the past couple of days. After venting about Seydou, Eve got emotional when Big Brother asked her about the tension between her and Edith. Eve has been very upset, as she says that Edith has been talking about her to the other Housemates.

"She was drunk and told the Housemates that I have fake hair and a bad attitude and said other mean things.She's my sister and still said that stuff about me. I would never do that to her. She can't even say sorry to me." Edith then apologised when Biggie asked her if she had anything to say.

Here is how Africa voted this week (May 13 2012) - Hilda, Julio and Teclar were eliminated. Here is how the countries voted:

ngola: Julio; Botswana: Maneta; Ghana: Hilda; Kenya: Maneta; Liberia: Hilda; Malawi: Maneta; Namibia: Maneta; Nigeria: Hilda; South Africa: Maneta; Sierra Leone: Hilda; Tanzania: Hilda; Uganda: Hilda; Zambia: Maneta; Zimbabwe: Maneta; and the Rest of Africa: Maneta.
Total: Hilda = 6; Julio = 1; Maneta = 8; Teclar = 0 (Total votes: 15 Votes)