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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Will Have THREE Ceremonies When They Get Married?!

kim kardashian kanye west will have three marriage ceremoniessss

Kim Kardashian must really like the number three.

Kanye West is her third husband and reportedly, they'll be having THREE wedding ceremonies! Though, it's not really in her control, if we're being honest!

Kimye is gonna have to get married three times because of the various government hoops they have to jump through!

But, reportedly, the first ceremony will be taking place in California!

Sources dish:

“Typically, the U.S. recognizes citizens getting married in France, but dealing with a foreign government and paperwork could be a nightmare. So just to make sure it’s legal, Kim and Kanye will first be having a civil ceremony in Southern California.”

Oh! That makes sense! They're just trying to make sure everything is legal!

So, what about the other two?

Well, apparently in France, before you have a religious ceremony, there must be a civil ceremony!

According to the French Embassy:

“A religious ceremony has to be performed after a civil ceremony, never before. The minister, priest or rabbi will require a certificate of civil marriage before any religious ceremony takes place."

How innnnneresting! Three ceremonies it is!

But, never one to leave a fashion moment behind, Kim will be taking FULL advantage of the various weddings.

Sources said:

“Kim will have at least three dress changes on the big ceremony day in France. It will be over the top. Kim and Kanye want it to be the wedding of the century.”

Sounds like it absolutely WILL be the wedding of the year, at the very least!

Though, as much as they may try, we don't think they'll be able to top the Royal Wedding!